3 Resolutions for Public Relations and Marketing Campaigns in 2018

Nov 27, 2017

Healthcare IT public relations agency Amendola Communications advises how to tweak next year’s campaigns for more impact

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Nov. 20, 2017 Now is not only a good time to make personal resolutions for the coming year, it’s also an ideal time to plan what to do different professionally especially for PR and marketing pros who want bigger and better results in 2018. For tips on how to get more out of your own PR and marketing campaigns next year, check out the following selected blog posts from Amendola Communications, a nationally recognized, award-winning healthcare and healthcare IT public relations and marketing agency.

If You Really Want to Sell More Products, Lose the Jargon

Next year, make a point of injecting more personality in your messaging. The fastest path: lose the corporate-speak. Trust us, your prospects don’t say, think or write statements like, “I really need to buy a healthcare IT system that improves operational efficiencies while aligning my department with enterprise-wide business objectives.” But if you’re still not convinced your target markets can handle being spoken to in real people language, read this blog to find out why you couldn’t be more mistaken.

Fire Your Inner Critic

Nothing kills creative thinking like a doubting Thomas or Debbie Downer and too often, these very critics are ourselves. If your own inner critic is taking up too much of the conversation, it’s time to banish him or her for good. All your ideas for new marketing and PR campaigns will thank you for it! This blog explains how to silence your inner critic and proceed full speed ahead to achieve your goals.

Why Good Clients Are Key for Great PR – and How to Be One

Speaking of great ideas, maybe you have plenty, but lack the time to actually execute them. If that’s the case, it’s probably time you turn to a proven healthcare IT public relations agency. Of course, even the best agencies need clients that bring certain attributes to the table. Check them out in this blog, then check out Amendola Communications. We could be a great match!

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