The Challenge


Arcadia conducted a grueling RFP process several years ago with 10 agencies. They narrowed it down to two firms — Amendola and another agency and selected the other agency. In the fall of 2019, after passing up the opportunity to work with Amendola, the CEO called the agency’s founder/CEO Jodi Amendola and said, “We made a mistake and just lost two years that we will never get back. Would you please take us on as a client?” The rest, as they say, is history. Arcadia’s primary objective was to increase awareness and understanding of Arcadia and its solutions so it would become a highly recognizable company to C-suite executives at payers, providers, hospitals and health networks. A secondary goal was positioning Arcadia as the best and only company to help health delivery organizations excel within value-based contracts, especially through real-world client outcomes and stories.


Arcadia had some of the best customer champions in the business but did not have a clear voice nor a clear media strategy. Arcadia’s internal marketing team needed to align tactics and maximize synergies across marketing and content efforts, as well as corporate objectives, to create a truly integrated marketing and PR program. The company also needed a way to validate Arcadia’s value proposition with third-party evidence such as client case studies and analyst reports (KLAS, IDC, Forrester, Chilmark, etc.).


Amendola developed a thought leadership matrix articulating areas Arcadia wanted to have a voice in the media and who in their company could speak to each topic. Each section was fleshed out with key messages and proof points. Our efforts and expertise have helped elevate the thought leadership of several Arcadia thought leaders, including Micky Tripathi, who was tapped to be the head of the ONC in January 2021. During the time we have managed Arcadia’s PR and content, they have gone from being a somewhat known entity to a very well-known name in the industry that is seen as a leader in value-based care. They are now expanding and becoming a full-service analytics company with Amendola’s help articulating that to the industry.


A key strategy was to build share-of-voice by regularly publishing high-value content that positions Arcadia and its executives as experts and innovators. Based on media monitoring analytics software, Arcadia currently has a Share of Voice of 65% in the healthcare data analytics space. (source: Meltwater).