The Challenge


Nearly seven years ago, Bernoulli Health, a start-up, wanted to become a market leader in real-time clinical surveillance and patient safety so they hired Amendola. Bernoulli’s long-standing partnership with Amendola significantly enhanced its prestige in the marketplace through corporate rebranding, development of evidence-based content, earned media placements, social media optimization and earned speaking opportunities. These ongoing initiatives increased thought leadership and industry recognition, and Amendola is happy to report that Bernoulli was acquired by Capsule Technologies in April 2019; in January 2021, Capsule was, in turn, acquired by Philips.


Nearly one-third of the U.S. population has three or more chronic conditions, making them challenging to manage when hospitalized. Away from the ICU, clinicians may not have the information or tools to detect the onset of a serious reportable event because they are only periodically checking on these patients instead of continuously surveilling them. Periodic checks, limited insight from isolated monitoring devices, and fewer available clinicians per the lower acuity care settings can result in later detection of more serious reportable events.


A growing body of clinical research shows that effective data management drives operational, clinical and patient outcome success, whether under traditional or value-based care payment models. Providers must recognize that each data point from a medical device has intrinsic value if harnessed properly. Capsule provides the technologies to extract more value from medical device data for providers and patients.


In almost seven years, Amendola:

  • Overhauled the company’s website and branding
  • Launched a Knowledge Center with 90 pieces of Amendola-developed blog posts, white papers, case studies and an eBook
  • Secured 100 media interviews through proactive pitching
  • Wrote, secured and placed 60 research-intensive bylines in top-tier healthcare publications and peer-reviewed journals
  • Secured speaking slots at top-tier events, including HIMSS, AAMI and AARC
  • Grew Bernoulli/Capsule’s Twitter following from 16 to more than 9,000; and LinkedIn from 40 connections to 7,200
  • More than 17,000 media mentions
  • The president of Bernoulli who originally hired Amendola is now the president of Connect America and hired us again last year

Working with Amendola is truly like an extension of our own team.  They know the healthcare IT market inside and out, and have built trusted relationships with industry organizations and media to get maximum coverage for our content. Jodi and her team understand the importance of delivering measurable results that drive business success.

 Sam Larson | Global Marketing Leader