The Challenge


Medicomp Systems provides solutions to make clinical data usable for clinicians and drive better outcomes.


Though Medicomp has been an established health IT vendor for more than 40 years, the company was not a well-known brand in the industry. Its solutions are typically white-labeled by its partners, including EHRs.


The plan, which was initiated in 2016, takes a provocative stance across messaging, PR, content, eblasts, conferences and social media to elevate awareness about Medicomp, position executives as industry thought leaders, and inform prospective buyers and partners about Medicomp’s solutions.

Key Results

First Year Results

  • 200+ media mentions
  • 80+ bylined articles
  • 55 eblasts
  • 50+ blog posts
  • 30 press releases
  • 12 display ads
  • 4 booth designs with marketing copy
  • Many ebooks and infographics

We love our A-Team! Their writing is perfection, and I often don’t change a thing. For the last several years they have gotten us great exposure during both good years and challenging ones, and we know that it will lead to great things for us. We think of them as family and couldn’t be happier with our partnership.

 David Lareau | CEO