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Dec 15, 2020

Award-winning health IT agency offers guidance applicable in virtually any industry

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Dec. 15, 2020 – Amendola Communications has built an outstanding reputation as one of the leading public relations, marketing, and social media firms serving healthcare, health IT, and life sciences organizations. So it’s no surprise that its blog, peppered with contributions from the entire team, would become a favorite destination for information among organizations, reporters and others within those industries.

While healthcare is always on their minds, the reality is the advice proffered by the award-winning agency extends well beyond its core healthcare market. In fact, as these posts demonstrate, most of the content generated and topics covered are applicable in virtually any industry. Here’s a quick sample from the past few months.

In “Branding: Be Yourself, Earn Engagement,” the post describes how CEOs and other organizational leaders can stand out among their peers by being authentic and really saying something about what’s happening in the world, or their world, rather than playing it safe. It uses the example of Elon Musk, CEO and Founder of Tesla Motors, SpaceX, and other companies to show that being yourself and taking a stand rather than putting out vanilla pap is a way to create an indelible brand and drive intense loyalty and engagement in the market. READ MORE >>

Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic has been an all-consuming story for pretty much everyone this year. It has been such a sentinel event you might think all the old rules have gone out the window. The post “Revisiting ‘The Four Ps’ of Marketing During a Pandemic” takes this topic on head-on. It shows that these tried-and-true principles still apply, but must be adjusted to reflect the reality in which we’re currently living. READ MORE >>

Then there is the agency’s advice on “Breaking Into the Policy World Through Public Relations.” Government policy can have a profound effect on organizations as well as industries. Yet many in both simply shrug their shoulders at the prospect of influencing policy, assuming it requires a significant investment in heavy-duty lobbyist firms. Yet that isn’t always the case. This post describes strategies organizations in a variety of industries can use to help ensure policy decisions go their way – or at least do not work against them. READ MORE >>

Finally, for those interested in the personal side of business there is this heartfelt homage from agency CEO Jodi Amendola to the influence her mother has had on her career. Written shortly after receiving the news that Kamala Harris would become the nation’s first female Vice President, “Women Leaders: A Tribute to My Mom,” recounts the lessons her mom, Thelma Kurzweil, taught her throughout her life, including the importance of just being a good person and taking responsibility for your own happiness. Sadly, Thelma passed away shortly after Jodi’s blog was published in November and we are not sure if she had a chance to read it but, as Jodi said, “Nothing was left unsaid.” READ MORE >>

This is just a sampling. The Amendola blog has been around for several years, offering timely and evergreen advice that covers the gamut of activities of interest to PR, marketing, social media, digital content and other allied professionals. This information is offered free, so be sure to explore it in-depth and subscribe.

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Amendola is an award-winning, insights-driven public relations and marketing firm that integrates media relations, social media, content and lead gen programs to move healthcare, life sciences/pharma and healthcare IT decision-makers to action. The agency represents some of the industry’s best-known brands as well as groundbreaking startups that are disrupting the status quo. Nearly 90% of its client base represents multi-year clients and/or repeat client executives. Amendola’s seasoned team of PR and marketing pros understand the ongoing complexities of the healthcare ecosystem and provide strategic guidance and creative direction to drive positive ROI, boost reputation and increase market share. Making an impact since 2003, Amendola combines traditional and digital media to fuel meaningful and measurable growth. For more information about the industry’s “A-Team,” visit www.acmarketingpr.com, and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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