Peerbridge Health Chooses Amendola for Public Relations Program to Educate Market on Remote Heart Failure Detection

Apr 23, 2024

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., April 23, 2024 – Amendola, a nationally recognized, award-winning healthcare technology and life sciences public relations and marketing firm, today announced that it has been selected to implement a national PR program by Peerbridge Health, developer of a hospital-grade, remote diagnostic and monitoring platform that harnesses artificial intelligence (AI) for early detection of heart failure and other conditions 

“Amendola comes highly recommended by healthcare technology peers, giving us confidence that its industry-specific expertise and successful track record will produce valuable results,” said Chris Darland, CEO of Peerbridge Health. “We look forward to working with Amendola to educate the industry on the life-saving potential of early detection of heart failure through AI-enabled remote monitoring technology, which we are able to offer at a significantly lower cost compared to traditional methods.”  

More than 6 million Americans live with heart failure, and each year around 1 million new cases are diagnosed in adults 55 years of age and over. Heart failure is the second-leading cause of hospitalization in the U.S. and the leading cause of hospitalization among adults 65 and older. 

To reduce the impact of heart failure, Peerbridge Health has developed the Peerbridge Cor, an AI-enabled, 3-lead, 2-channel wireless ambulatory ECG device. A recent feasibility trial showed the device had a nearly 96% accuracy rate in identifying heart failure in patients utilizing ECG as the only input. 

“Heart failure is a serious condition that is often only diagnosed after a visit to the emergency room,” said agency CEO Jodi Amendola. “We are pleased to partner with Peerbridge Health in its efforts to extend access to care, improve outcomes for cardiac patients, and reduce the financial burden of this disease.”   

About Amendola 

Amendola is an award-winning, insights-driven public relations and marketing firm that integrates media relations, social media, content and lead gen programs to move healthcare, life sciences/pharma and healthcare IT decision-makers to action. The agency represents some of the industry’s best-known brands as well as groundbreaking startups that are disrupting the status quo. Nearly 90% of its client base represents multi-year clients and/or repeat client executives. Amendola’s seasoned team of PR and marketing pros understand the ongoing complexities of the healthcare ecosystem and provide strategic guidance and creative direction to drive positive ROI, boost reputation and increase market share. Making an impact since 2003, Amendola combines traditional and digital media to fuel meaningful and measurable growth. For more information about the industry’s “A-Team,” visit, and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn. 

About Peerbridge Health 

Peerbridge Health is revolutionizing cardiac care as the first company to bring the quality and accuracy of hospital-grade cardiac diagnostics to the home. The company’s AI-enabled device, Peerbridge Cor™, includes a three-lead, patented AECG wearable device that features a design based on the Einthoven Triangle. The Peerbridge platform leverages ECG to diagnose and monitor the most important elements of cardiac care at a lower cost than ever before. Data captured provides actionable insights that promote early invention, reduce hospital visits and saves lives. For more, go to or visit our LinkedIn page. 

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