The Press Release: Marketing’s Swiss Army Knife

Apr 12, 2017

Swiss Army knives are generally thought of as the go-to multi-tool, capable of performing all sorts of handy functions in one neat little package. Marketers have their own version of the Swiss Army knife: the press release. It has the versatility to advance a variety of marketing goals.

That was not the case several years ago. Back then, press releases were written for the media; hence the name. Today the internet, social media and business practices have blurred the lines, which means in many cases a press release is no longer written with the sole purpose to attract media attention or fulfill an SEC guideline. Instead, it is a multi-function business tool.

Press releases allow you get your message out to your audiences unfiltered. This one piece of collateral is completely versatile and can help companies work towards a plethora of goals, including:

  1. Media relations: Good, solid media relations. Through distribution services, press releases are sent to journalists’ email, where they can choose to write about the news. Even if the reporter does not cover the announcement right away, your information may be filed as a “source” for future articles. The exposure can also make journalists aware of your company, or keep them informed about your latest developments.
  2. Sales: Current projections estimate that 60% to 70% of the business buyer’s purchase process is made before they contact the vendor. Given that most information a prospect obtains is before they enter the sales funnel, you need ways to reach them earlier in the purchasing journey. Also, press releases can be a reason for the sales team to go back to a prospect. Customer wins may be shared with prospective client of a similar size, specialty and/or location. Many deals are completed by potential customers after seeing what their peers are doing.
  3. Attract New Talent: Who does not want to work for a company that is doing exciting and innovative things? Showing momentum can turn the heads of qualified candidates for even hard to fill spots.
  4. Keep Investors in the Know: Highlighting your successes can attract investors. A steady cadence of news signals an active company that is gaining traction, a key to obtaining investor interest.
  5. SEO Benefits: When credible websites and search engines pick up your press release, it can raise your placement in Google search results, which drives traffic and increases awareness for your site. Using specific keywords can optimize the press release to be easily searchable by audiences, including prospective and current customers, employees, investors and the media.

You can significantly increase interest in your press releases by adding images or video, making them even more beneficial. Which business objectives will they help you unlock?

Heather Caouette

Heather has extensive experience in delivering marketing and PR leadership to healthcare and technology innovators. She has spent the majority of her career collaboratively driving initiatives to educate and engage target audiences, drive brand awareness and launch new products. Heather leverages this proficiency to construct and execute integrated campaigns for clients that align with key business objectives. Her work has received multiple Publicity Club of New England's Bell Ringer Awards and she has been recognized as one of PRSourceCode's 'Top Tech Communicators.' Heather holds a Bachelor of Science in Communication from Boston University and an M.B.A. in Finance from Bentley University.