Reflecting Back, Looking Forward: Amendola Marks 20th Anniversary

Jun 26, 2024

As I look back at two decades of running a successful PR and marketing agency, I can draw two conclusions: Predicting the future is impossible, but preparing for it is a necessity.

That’s not the contradiction it first appears to be. Twenty years ago, it was the dawn of the digital age for healthcare and I was certain there would be an opportunity for an agency devoted to healthcare, health tech and life sciences. I didn’t know with any degree of precision what was coming, but I knew I wanted to be a part of it.

So, I took the leap and founded Amendola. My crystal ball was clear enough to spot an emerging opportunity, but it could not have anticipated everything that would happen in healthcare and health tech over the next two decades: generative AI, machine learning, genetic and precision medicine, telehealth, the shift to value-based care, remote patient monitoring and more.

In all, it’s fair to say the last 20 years have been some of the most exciting and transformative in the history of healthcare. My agency has not only weathered these tumultuous times, but prospered in them.

Amendola is the recognized industry leader in promoting visionary organizations driving technological change across healthcare delivery and life sciences. We have earned billions of media impressions for clients and received numerous awards from industry organizations honoring the firm’s innovative content generation, media relations and marketing programs.

Our success is not due to anticipating every development, but to being prepared for them.

I built the agency around the principles that I value in PR and marketing: creativity, continuous learning, collaboration, and a deep commitment to customer service and delivering results. With those as our bedrock we have been able to meet each new challenge and help our clients find their footing in the new digital landscape.

From early-stage startups to publicly traded companies, Amendola has helped drive company recognition, revenue growth and wider implementation of cutting-edge IT solutions across healthcare delivery organizations, health insurers, pharmacies and numerous other entities. Amendola has also helped clients pivot their messaging and content during changes in healthcare, such as during the COVID-19 pandemic when care delivery began a greater shift from brick-and-mortar institutions to patients’ homes through telehealth and virtual care.

I want to thank the many clients who have hired Amendola multiple times, bringing us with them as they have moved from company to company. Many of them have become friends over the years, which has been an unexpected bonus.

Of course, most of the credit for our success goes to my team. I make a point of hiring only experienced professionals with deep backgrounds in healthcare, health tech and life sciences. They share my principles, are committed to evolving as healthcare does, and their fine work and dedication have allowed the agency to grow and prosper.

A  20th anniversary is a chance not only to reminisce, but to look ahead. And my crystal ball is no more finely tuned than it was when I founded the agency. I don’t know exactly what will happen over the next decade or two; no one does. I will stand by two predictions, however: The years ahead will be at least as exciting and unpredictable as the past 20.

Jodi Amendola

Jodi is an accomplished leader with 25 years of experience developing, implementing and executing high-impact, integrated business-to-business public relations and marketing campaigns. Since 2004, she has served as CEO and co-founder of Amendola, where she has led campaigns for countless industry giants and start-up companies.