5 Tips on How to Write Social Media in a One-Subject World

May 20, 2020

AKA #WantToUseNewHashtags!

As any public relations professional will tell you, making your story stand out from the rest of the noise is what we’re paid the big bucks to do. Press releases, bylines, blogs and case studies are the stuff of dreams.

Internally, this is how it’s done: your Amendola team is comprised of an account executive, strategist, writer, media relations specialist and, if we handle it for you, a social media manager. Everyone on your team is deeply knowledgeable about your company’s offerings.

The strategist and account executive put your company’s expert message in front of our writer who produces a piece of content. The media relations specialist pickups up the ball and gets the press release or byline in front of the right set of editors and journalists who are looking for exactly the contact you have. Once it’s published, the social media manager links the article to your various social media platforms.

Client-generated content is nuggets of gold for the social media team; however, we follow a pretty strict practice of the 80/20 rule. That means all your company’s
LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter posts should be a mix of 20% company news and 80% third-party content to keep you focused as a thought leader on the topics
in which you excel. You want your followers to be interested in your feeds because you generate news of interest, not just commercials.

Finding that all-important third-party content for your social media posts is where the social media team earns its KUDOs.

But how do we do that when the whole world is talking about one subject?

Don’t get us wrong especially when all our clients are in the healthcare field – we have the utmost compassion for everyone suffering and working courageously during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s impacting everyone their jobs, health, lives, and everyday routines. This is by far, the single largest collective story we’ll see in our lifetime. But my colleagues and I are struggling to keep it fresh in a one-hashtag world.

So once again, how do we find articles that help propel you as a thought leader when all media seems tuned to one channel? How do we help you stand out above the din?

Here are 5 tips to help you find ways to enhance your message.

  1. Research. Our team finds RSS feeds (such as Feedly) a good resource for tracking keywords created in a Google search, or to subscribe to specific outlets, which is perfect for locating articles that come at least close to your company’s subject. Additionally, we use keyword searches within Twitter to actively find articles, people with whom to engage, and conversations around hashtags normally discussed in a non-pandemic world.
  2. Pivot. Turn your company’s news into the world’s news. Do you have a solution that helps patients monitor their meds and stay compliant? I could find you 10 articles any other day. But now, I have an article that mentions how COVID-19 patients are getting free insulin, which keeps them compliant. Do you work with EHRs? Let’s talk about how EHRs are helping or hurting during COVID-19. Give your opinion. Ask for others to tweet or comment theirs. The idea is to keep in your lane but stay relevant.
  3. Sidestep. OK, so perhaps you can only make 20% of your posts about you. But you can include news about your clients or business partners. Find articles about them and thank them for doing a great job. Thank others for helping your clients. If you’re not already (and you should be!) follow your clients’ Twitter feeds. When they post something positive about a local restaurant feeding them, or a video of their clinicians dancing to relieve the stress, share it! Re-tweet with a comment like, “Thanks, @Joe, for helping our friends @Client! #FrontLineHeros.” It’s technically not your news, but it’s a way to engage with your clients, and most of all, it feels good.
  4. Join in. If you can’t beat em, join em. You’re not going to get out of posting COVID-19 news; why fight it? However, everyone is in the same boat as you tired of reading all the grim statistics. So, let’s give them something to smile about!
  5. Let us help. In these difficult times, you’ve got enough on your plate. You’re trying to run a business, keep employees on staff, and find solutions to beat this nasty thing. Why don’t you let the Social Media Team at Amendola help you lighten the load?

Remember social media is just one part of your overall messaging. When used in conjunction with the rest of your public relations offerings, it’s like adding frosting to the cake. Although, I am a little impartial. Stay safe!

Margaret Kelly

Margaret Kelly is an accomplished administrator with more than 30 years of experience in marketing and public relations. Her industry experience spans the healthcare, building and financial service industries. Margaret is a behind-the-scenes expert instrumental in supporting account teams with day-to-day operations. She focuses on processing press releases, managing social media, and researching speaking and editorial opportunities for clients. As a social media manager, Margaret is responsible for writing and distributing posts, engaging followers and linking to relevant industry leaders; as a result an EHR company gained 15% new followers and a remote patient monitoring client gained 30% new Twitter followers in only eight months. Additionally, a leading senior adaptive computer technology company added social media influence by 44% on Twitter, 67% on Facebook and 57% on LinkedIn in just 14 months. A campaign for the client's webinar caused such an increase in registration the company had to update its webinar platform to accommodate the extra attendees. Before joining Amendola Communications, Margaret served as the public relations agency and graphic artist liaison for a local company. In that role, she scheduled all media interviews for the company CEO, and managed all marketing placements, eNewsletters, website updates and marketing collateral materials. Margaret is a recipient of the Home Builder Association's coveted MAME (Major Achievements in Merchandising Excellence) Award for Best Website. She has lectured at the Home Builder's Association of Central Arizona on website development and at ASU's Del Web School of Construction on marketing.