Musically Infused Management. (Headphones On, Please.)

Mar 15, 2017

Want a Rockin Team?

Many think that putting together a great team means being clear about roles, setting expectations and providing appropriate incentives. While all that MBA mumbo jumbo is true, it’s not how you Great teams run like a Lotusget teams to purr like a Lotus and move like Greased Lightning.

No, the real secret lies in the people. In the soft skills. Everything you didn’t learn in school. Never fear, your song-fueled cliff notes is here.

  1. Recognize that each team member is different different strengths, weaknesses and motivations. Sure, you could make them play the game and perform exactly as you would in any given situation or project. If you want to see high turnover. Or just breathe and do the following
  1. Have each team member take a talent assessment test like Myers Briggs or StrengthsFinder, and then share the results within the next group meeting. Emphasize how each talent category has its preferred style of interaction with the external and internal world. Act out scenarios. Make it real.
  1. Don’t just rely on the test results. Listen to what each person says and how they react on a daily basis. What is their personality style? Their work style? Are they an email, phone or text person? Is it best to reach out to them in the morning or in the afternoon?
    Note: Never underestimate the statement “I’m not a morning person.” Let them have their coffee IV and then pose your question or request.In building teams you have to accept people for who they are.
  1. Examine how each team member is motivated. Do they prefer a thank you delivered one-on-one? Or do they glow when appreciation is expressed more publicly, such as during a team or company-wide meeting? Maybe a “Well-done!” email to the appropriate email distribution list supplies the balance of recognition without the in-person spotlight.Some team members may respond best to small tokens of gratitude such as a handwritten card, a lunch with the boss or even a comp day when their performance goes above and beyond all expectations. Get to know your people and the above should come naturally.
  1. In summary, R-e-s-p-e-c-t each team member’s distinct gifts. Encourage them to come as you are and even stir it up when needed and they’ll perform their best for you.

So let your team members know: “I want you to express yourself and if you want to sing out, sing out.”

And that’s how you build a rockin band I mean team.

Kate Donlon

Kate is a seasoned communications professional with more than 20 years of experience in delivering high performance communications programs for start-up companies, non-profits and Fortune 500 organizations. Kate has led PR, executive and internal communications, branding, digital marketing/social media, content marketing, and web management for thought leaders across healthcare, healthcare IT, medical aesthetics, pharmaceutical and technology industries including Mayo Clinic Health System, Intel and Aptus Health, a subsidiary of Merck. Kate has an MBA in international management from Thunderbird, as well as decades of business and cultural experiences throughout Europe, Asia-Pacific and Latin America. This globally-infused background brings an international perspective to her strategic counsel and integrated communications programs. In addition to an MBA, Kate holds a B.A. in Spanish from Michigan State University.